Welcome! I hope you enjoy browsing this collection of some of the more personal projects I've been doing, mostly culled from the last five years of work.

It's my good fortune to be approaching the end of a second decade producing video and audio projects, working variously as writer, producer, director, shooter, editor, or often all-of-the-above. The breadth of my "soup-to-nuts" understanding of media production has meant that I often work solo, or in some hard-to-explain jack-of-all-trades role, but the collaborative process is always dear to my heart, and this work has been a wonderful way to meet amazing folks in all sorts of corners of the world.

Here are some highlights of my recent work:

Valley of Smoke is a podcast I create and produce, featuring tales of Southern California and its many intersections with the larger world. An experiment in stirring up the formulas of the podcast medium. Available on iTunes.  And Stitcher.

Matt Champagne in the first episode of The Entertainer at Rest, a series of ten-minute video profiles of freelance performing artists at home, examining how they've adapted to their unstructured lifestyles. (far left)

Birancyanga is a music video done to the song by Rwandan rap artist Ama G the Black, edited for an urban planning event in Kigali, using footage I shot on an earlier trip to Rwanda.  (immediate left)