I have a long history of doing audio in a variety of contexts, including fiction and documentary production (both film and video), audio tours, and audio journalism. I have a small home studio and a field kit that includes a full array of microphone options.

Valley of Smoke is an audio documentary series available as a podcast, which I created and produce. It seeks to take local stories from Southern California and contextualize and re-mix them in a way that they become audio essays about bigger subjects and wider histories.

Here is one of my favorite episodes so far, combining career histories of aerialists, adjunct art professors, and musicians with the history of California's contributions to shaping health care in the US. Plus: robots have already won.

75 mins, 2016.

Also on iTunes here.

What begins as an audio postcard on a 48 hour business trip to Stockholm, quickly becomes a struggle with basic perception of time.  7 mins, 2012.

Also on Soundcloud here.

"The Squeaky Wheelchair Gets the Grease"

Reported by Alex MacInnis, Produced by Brian Reed in 2010 for This American Life episode 415 "Crybabies".

The entire episode available here. (This act starts around minute 33.)

Charter School co-locations in California

Reported and Produced by Alex MacInnis for The Madeleine Brand Show on KPCC in April, 2012.

This piece can also be found here.