The Making of Forces of Nature

After years of attempting to get quality tornado footage for the IMAX film Forces of Nature, future stormchasing reality-show hero Sean Casey finally has his day, and learns valuable lessons that will be taken to heart for his next film.  Shot for National Geographic TV, 5 min. excerpt edited by Alex MacInnis, 2002.

It Walks by Night

For LACMA's installation of Michael Heizer's Levitated Mass, a 340 ton boulder was slowly transported during 11 nights from a quarry in Riverside along a route zig-zagging over a hundred miles through suburban Los Angeles, in a feat of engineering and planning estimated to have cost $10 million. Music performed by Teodoro Anzelloti. 5 min, 2012.

Hippos on a Hybrid

Celebrating the high-concept release of Snakes on a Plane, the Alamo Drafthouse sponsored the Blanks on a Blank contest, where entrants were assigned via random computer algorithm an animal/being and a vehicle to use as subjects in a video, with various other contractual constraints also inspired by the film.  5 mins, 2006.

Mary Over Mojave

On the 13th of every month, as many as 4,000 pilgrims would venture to an isolated spot in the Mojave Desert to experience apparitions of the Virgin Mary by taking Polaroid photos of the sun. 26 mins, 1999.

Down by Law (2006)

A reprisal of the opening credits of Jim Jarmusch's classic film Down by Law using footage shot in New Orleans and Mississippi nine months after Hurricane Katrina. 5 mins, 2006.