These "Greatest Hits" videos compile glimpses of all the Engagement Party events.

(far left: 2010-2012)  (near left:  2008-2010)

Engagement Party (documentation)

From 2008 to 2012, Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art was home to Engagement Party, a monthly evening of social-practice art featuring various artist collectives in rotation every three months, with the goal of finding new and unexpected ways for people to explore and interact with the museum. As sustained and varied a catalog of art-as-social-practice as has been hosted anywhere, it resulted in–among many other things–my production of 28 videos documenting almost every performance in the series. Artists included: Finishing School, knifeandfork, Ojo, Slanguage, My Barbarian, Lucky Dragons, Ryan Heffington & the Eastsiders, The League of Imaginary Scientists, The Los Angeles Urban Rangers, Liz Glynn, and Camlab. 

Find out more about MOCA's Engagement Party by going here.

Below are 12 of the original 5 to 10 minute pieces documenting the experience of each evening.

(top) 1 Ryan Heffington, 2 - 4 Neighborhood Public Radio, 5 - 6 The Los Angeles Urban Rangers. (second row) 1 The Los Angeles Urban Rangers, 2 - 4 Liz Glynn, 5 - 6 CamLab.